For a Better Chance at Life:

Achieving Life Satisfaction

FOR A BETTER CHANCE AT LIFE: Achieving Life Satisfaction by Jonathan J. Woolverton, CFA

Many of us go through life adrift. We wander aimlessly. We have not found our true purpose in life. We have no rudder (goal), and we have no compass. Our compass (our purpose) sets the path to life satisfaction, while our rudder is to ensure we do not drift off course. If life has no meaning, then there is no life. We always hope that our lives will get better. However, hope is not a plan. It will not happen without our help. To have a fulfilling life, we must take control and set out our pathway to success and happiness. We owe this to ourselves.

For a Better Chance at Life is a book of self-discovery and self-analysis that outlines how to achieve life satisfaction. The book addresses four main areas in which we live and in which we must excel. The first area is our Personal Growth sphere, where we outline what we believe we need to be happy and grow as individuals—including managing expectations and the noise and chaos around us. The second sphere, Family Values, provides the building blocks for creating a healthy, rewarding, and supportive family environment. The third sphere, our Career Focus sphere, establishes guidelines and strategies for the workplace that will enhance our ability to find our passion. The fourth area is our Life-After-Work era. Outside of our financial planning for when we leave the workforce, many of us put little effort into determining what our lives will look like when we retire. However, life after work is where we should spend the most effort to get it right, as these years should be the happiest years of our lives. This book addresses how to plan for this eventuality.

Achieving life satisfaction takes time, effort, self-awareness, and self-discipline. It starts with defining our purposes and goals within our three spheres and life-after-work era. Only then will we be able to capture the true meaning of life—our lives.


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September 22, 2022





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FOR A BETTER CHANCE AT LIFE: Achieving Life Satisfaction by Jonathan J. Woolverton, CFA